Optofluidics 2015 Award List

Conference Best Paper Award
Depth Positioning for Fast Moving Objects in a Sealed Microchannel Utilizing Chromatic Aberration
Shin-Yu Su and Che-Hsin Lin Department of Mechanical and Electromechnical Engineering,
National Sun Yat-sen University

One Dimensional FRET Bionanosensor for Enhancing Target Molecular Probing and Detection
Hsien-Hung Wei, Cheng-Wen Lian, Cheng-Yuan Wang, Hsiang-Yu Wang, Tzu-Han Liang
Department of Chemical Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University

Paper-Based Biosensor with Three-Dimensional Channel for Impedimetric Immunoassay
Cheng-Hsin Chuang, Kai-Chieh Chang, Lung-Yu Chang, and Hsun-Pei Wu
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Design Principle of Nanofluidic Concentration by Vortex Simulation and Validation
Pei-Shan Chung, Tsung-Hsien Huang, Yu-Jui Fan, Wei-Cheng Tian, and Horn-Jiunn Sheen
Institute of Applied Mechanics,
National Taiwan University

Conference Best Poster Award
Polydimethylsiloxane SLIPCHIP for Mammalian Cell Culture and Analysis
Chia-Wen Chang, Chien-Chung Peng, and Yi-Chung Tung
Research Center for Applied Sciences,
Academia Sinica

Optoelectrokinetically-Enabled Signal Enhancement for a Bead-Based F?rster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Fluorescence Immunoassay
Han-Sheng Chuang, Hu-Yao Ku, Fu-Tsun Li
Department of Biomedical Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University

In vitro Mouse Embryo Development by Using Digital Microfluidics
Hsien-Hua Shen, Hong-Yuan Huang, Lung-Yuan Chung, Yu-Hsiang Chung, Chihchen Chen, Chia-Hsien Hsu, and Da-Jen Yao
Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems,
National Tsing Hua University

Using Phase Segregation of Polymerizable Lipids to Construct Filters in Supported Lipid Bilayer Platforms
ShuKai Hu and Ling Chao
Department of Chemical Engineering,
National Taiwan University

Spontaneous Salt Purification by Capillary based Ion Concentration Polarization
Sungmin Park, Yeonsu Jung, Hyomin Lee, Inhee Cho, Ho-Young Kim, and Sung Jae Kim
Department os Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
Seoul National University

Hemodynamic Shear Stress Stimulates Invasiveness of circulating tumor cells
Shijun Ma, Afu Fu, and Kathy Luo
School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering,
Nanyang Technological University

Springer Best Paper Award
Gold Nanoparticle Embedded PDMS Micropillar Array For Large Area Cell Force Sensing
Fan Xiao, Ximiao Wen, and Pei-Yu Chiou
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
University of California, Los Angeles

Springer Best Poster Award
In situ Concentrated Pesticide Residues Detection by Laser Induced Thermal Heating with Surface Enhanced Raman Spectrum
Chia-Jung Chang, Jing-Yuan Lin, Jui-Hung Tsai, and Horn-Chin Lee
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Plasmonically Enhancing the Photoluminescence of Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes via Tetraoctlammonium Bromide Capping Au Nanoparticles as Electron Injection Layer
Kai-Wei Tsai, Ten-Chin Wen, Yu-Kai Wang, and Tsung-Fang Guo
Department of Chemical Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University

Point Mutation Detection by Microfluidic DNA Microarray for Long QT Syndrome
Yu-Shin Chang, Kai-Wei Chang, Frank Shyu, Mon-Hsun Tsai, and Nien-Tu Huang
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics,
National Taiwan University

Magnetic Micromachines and Microswimmers in an Oscillating Magnetic Field
Yan-Horn Li, Yasushi Ido, Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Hirotaka Sumiyoshi, Ching-Yao Chen
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
National Chiao Tung University

MDPI Best Paper Award
Highly Sensitive Detection of an Anthrax Biomarker Using SERS-Based Solenoid Microfluidic Chip
Rongke Gao, Hao Chen, and Jaebum Choo
Department of Bionano Engineering,
Hanyang University